Barren Island

Diving on the periphery of the only active volcano in South Asia is like entering a different planet enclosed within a time capsule. Undisturbed by human activity the underwater landscape makes the scene set for a drama you will never forget.

An infinite expanse of brilliant blue and pitch black soil play canvas for bursts of vivid color that jostle for space on this alien terrain. This all-encompassing world peppered with cliffs, grottos, canyons, pinnacles, gorges and mysterious caves makes one feel miniscule. Small iridescent fish weave through hard and soft corals of purple, green, yellow and other fluorescent hues creating a rare psychedelic visual treat for wide-eyed divers. Millions of silver garden eels surface on a bed of black, while above it thrive some of the most elusive pelagic life. Giving you the opportunity to absorb with your eyes, the sight of white-tip reef sharks, dolphins, turtles and occasionally stunning manta rays with a wing span of 4 to 6 meters. Humongous schools of hunters such as the dogtooth tuna, barracuda and trevally whiz past as they circle the reef for their next meal.

Imagine seeing this action play out from 30 meters away, which is the kind of crystal clear visibility you find around Barren. Words are not capable of doing justice to what Barren has to offer a diver, it must be experienced to be believed. Lucky for you a two hour boat ride from Havelock is all it takes to acquire this experience of a lifetime. This 12 hour trip involves leaving Havelock before the crack of dawn at 3am and doing three deep dives, interspersed with surface intervals that offer magnificent views of the smoking volcano.