Know Us


This shy boat captain looks like a cool character out of an anime. What he doesn’t say in words he compensates with his extensive knowledge of boats of every kind. Born into a boat building family, he has been surrounded by them for almost all his life and has more than 10 years of boat driving experience. When he is not captaining the Blue Whale, he spends his day destroying the opposing team at volleyball.


This boat captain of the Whale Song is a man of few words. Always dressed in black with his dark shades, the man oozes swag like no other. A natural at free diving, we’ve seen this Karen fisherman dive deep and just sit on the sea bed for more than a minute. There is nothing Ewamu values in this world more than his children. Sometimes he sits and contemplates how he would tug on the tail of a crocodile if ever faced by one.

Boat Boys

The boat boys form the backbone of our operation here on Havelock. They are the unsung heroes who shoulder some of the most challenging responsibilities behind the scene to ensure all of us have a seamless dive experience. The sheer strength and stamina they apply to their work often leaves us not only bewildered and wondering if they really are super human in disguise, but also immensely grateful. Most importantly these mischief mongers keep us all sane with their daily shenanigans and monkey business, never allowing a dull moment to prevail at the dive shop.