Scuba Diving in India-Myths Busted

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May 5, 2018
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Scuba diving in India- Myths busted (1)

Scuba diving-the myths busted…

When it comes to scuba diving, it’s shocking how some silly myths restrict people not to dive. Scuba Diving can be fun if you have a well-experienced trainer. For this, you need to join in an Andaman scuba diving course.

Here are few common myths/excuses that people come up with in order to avoid scuba diving.

“Scuba diving is too extreme for us” :

People feel that scuba diving is very dangerous. It’s always said that being humans inherits risks which we cannot control. And scuba diving does have its own risks too if one does not undergo proper training. There are many courses like PADI open water, PADI emergency first response, and PADI divemaster etc to help people get the best out of their scuba diving experience.

Bad experiences in the past:

People do have bad experiences, but that’s not the end of the world. If the instructor doesn’t have much experience and knowledge then the dive experience will also not be up to the mark. So next time when there is a bad experience change the professional to dive with and enjoy the bliss of underwater world. There are many companies offering scuba diving courses but research is always needed when it comes to choosing the best.

It’s an extreme sport:

Scuba diving looks extreme only because of the equipment the divers carry. Properly configured diving equipment will be an add-on and do wonders for your abilities.

Scuba diving is now much easier than what it used to be. With certified dive centers like Scubalov, diving experience is safe yet adventurous. The experts will train and allow you to dive only if your health conditions permit. One can avoid being stressed before going for a dive.


Face the sea. Put the regulator in your mouth as soon as you step into the water. When you have the tank full of air, you can relax and start enjoying the regular dive. Follow all the instructions from the instructor to feel confident and stress-free.

Which course to take?

One has a lot of confusion when it comes to the selection of courses. Scubalov is the best place to know more about the Andaman scuba diving courses. They have a bunch of well-trained experts who give us a tour of all the courses they offer and suggest the best one according to the requirement. If interested one can also get trained in some of the special courses like the deep diver, drift diver, night diver or peak performance buoyancy. The experts will suggest the best fit after giving a brief explanation of all the courses. One should know how to swim before going take his/her scuba lessons. According to the age, the health of the person and nature of the course, the depth is determined by the trainer.

Risk management:

There are many overconfident divers who stray away from the original diving plan to explore the underwater. This is a risky activity and one should avoid doing it.

The main key to the scuba diving safety is to continue the diving education. A good diver should never stop learning. This will build up confidence when they dive next time. The equipment should be maintained properly to have a safe dive. So, ensure that the gear is in good condition before you go for a dive.

Hailing from the land of Chocolate, Jurgen came to India in 2004 looking to add some spice to his life. This PADI MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer) and SSI AOWI (Advanced Open Water Instructor) backpacked throughout the country before docking in Havelock, where he gave birth to Scubalov. If there is one thing Jurgen loves more than diving, it is teaching.

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