Explore the Breathtaking Underwaters-Scuba Diving in India

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June 15, 2018
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July 19, 2018

Explore the Breathtaking Underwaters-Scuba Diving in India

Explore the Breathtaking Underwaters-Scuba Diving in India

Are you sick and tired of taking those road and train trips for your vacations?

Then it’s a sign you need to taste some water this time. Ditch those road trips and get ready to dive and experience the beauty of the world underwater.

Scuba diving is a lot of fun. There are many locations for scuba diving in India. All you need to do is select one destination and get a good instructor for your course.

Many movies glamourize scuba diving, just the way it is (the underwater world is full of colorful marine life). Scuba diving transports you to a world that is different and gives a fulfilling experience. Diving underwater with the help of SCUBA equipment is a thrilling and fun-filled experience that one should have at least once a lifetime. And non -swimmers please don’t get upset as in scuba diving swimming competency is not mandatory for a single dive experience.

Scuba diving in India is a package of oodles of fun and frolic. But we must keep some safety rules in mind to experience the fun and be safe underwater.

-Dive in a group, it’s always safe and fun when you dive in a group.

-Check your equipment for malfunctioning, before you go underwater.

-Don’t dive too deep, take small steps

-Obey your trainer, Don’t forget that he is much learned and is always there to help you

-Never pollute the Marine Ecosystem.

-Select a reputed dive shop that is registered with either PADI or SSI. Check if all the Divemasters and Instructors are well certified or not.

Now when you are excited to get the best experiences, here are a few places you can go for your scuba diving vacations.


Andaman and Nicobar:

Other than relaxing and tasting delicacies, the Andaman and Nicobar islands are known for its scuba diving activities too. The best time to experience the bliss is from September to May every year. One can enjoy awesome corals, fishes, and the lovely underwater world. February to April is the best time to visit and enjoy scuba diving. The temperature and visibility at this time underwater are at its best and it makes easy for divers to enjoy their dive.



Are you staying at Mumbai and unable to get more leaves for your dive vacation? We have scuba in Mumbai for you.

For such dive enthusiasts in Mumbai, scuba sessions are organized in a swimming pool. You get an introduction to the dive theory, get comfortable with the equipment and diving skills before we teach you how to dive. Introductions and basic confined training for the open water course are done and this helps to get you to dive ready for your holiday.

With help of the open water course, you will adapt to the underwater habitat just within the span of four days. And the discover scuba dive helps your experience the deep seas under the supervision of a professional dive leader.

Most of us have a childhood dream of becoming a mermaid and you can actually experience the feeling after your first scuba dive. Take all the precautions and check with the doctor if you can do scuba diving with the health conditions you are in. This is a mandatory step before you sign up for any diving course.

Scuba diving will give you an opportunity to go close to the wonders of the marine world and you can enjoy all the colorful and diverse inhabitants living there.

So what are you waiting for? Plan a holiday and also book slots for your scuba diving in India.

Confused where to book the slots? Are you searching a lot but still not able to find a good dive shop?  Are you not sure about which course to choose?

We have done the homework for you. Just call SCUBALOV.IN, talk to them about all the details, and enjoy your dive into the deep blue sea.

We have two dive centers in the islands of Havelock & Neil in Andamans where you find the best scuba diving in India. In Mumbai, we help people with their first underwater breaths and kicks ☺”. See you underwater!

Hailing from the land of Chocolate, Jurgen came to India in 2004 looking to add some spice to his life. This PADI MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer) and SSI AOWI (Advanced Open Water Instructor) backpacked throughout the country before docking in Havelock, where he gave birth to Scubalov. If there is one thing Jurgen loves more than diving, it is teaching.

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