Dixon's Pinnacles

Dixon’s Pinnacles are like the scene of an action movie. One of the most iconic dive sites around Havelock, it was named after Dixon who is the famous Johnny’s brother and another local instructor on the Island. This site offers one of the most breathtaking views of what a healthy reef looks like.
The pinnacles are covered with yellow soft corals, brimming with schools of small colourful Surgeon fish, Bat fish, Glass fish, Banner fish and the rare trippy-looking juvenile Emperor Angel fish. The tops of its three pinnacles play active feeding grounds for pelagics, Giant trevally, Barracuda, groupers and Tuna.

Closer to the bottom one can meet the resident families of Napoleon Wrasse, Potato grouper and Sting Ray amongst overwhelming schools of Bengal and Paddle Tailed Snappers. This site is also a cleaning station and rewards us with frequent sightings of turtles and Moray eels who come for their regular cleaning sessions. If you are truly lucky you might be able to catch a Manta Ray or a White-tip reef shark cruising along on this site.


Level: Advanced
Depth: 16-35 mts
Distance from Havelock: 19kms
Location: East of Havelock
Topography: Three deep pinnacles
Sightings: Reef fish, Schools of snappers, sweetlips, turtles, surgeon fish, Barrel Sponges