Fun Dives

The Andaman Sea is a playground for certified divers. It has a plethora of magnificent dive sites of every level to choose from, which are also relatively unexplored and uncongested. This gives all your dives an element of surprise and a wide berth for exploration. Ranging from 5 to 30 meters, you will get to dive with massive groupers, inquisitive napoleon wrasse, majestic rays, sharks and huge schools of fusiliers and barracuda. No two dives at the one site can be the same, making the possibilities on every dive endless. One day of diving would include two dives at different sites, accompanied by an expert local dive professional to orient you to the site.

Fun Dives: PRICING

(Certified Divers Only)

We charge 1500 INR / day extra for visiting premium dive site! (Dixon Pinnacle, Jhonny’s Gorge, Jackson Bar, White House Rock, Inchket, Broken Ledge …).
This will be paid at the dive shop!