Johnny's Gorge

Johnny’s Gorge is every diver’s undisputed favourite amongst dive sites around Havelock and there is one word that explains it all.
SHARKS! Magnificent but shy White-tip reef sharks and a variety of rays can be spotted resting on the sandy bottom around this circular reef, but that forms just the icing on the cake. The reef itself looks like one of those central railway stations in a metro city, where schools of fish flow in constant rivers of yellow, blue and silver over beautiful gorgonians and colourful soft corals that carpet the rocky bed.

It plays a refuge for spectacular schools of Andaman sweetlips, Fusiliers, Mackerel, Snappers and car-sized Giant groupers. At the same time you can see some of the most dramatic hunting scenarios with cascading schools of Trevally, Giant trevally, Tuna and barracuda that circle overhead.
Although the first account of this dive site can be found in the travel journals of Jaqcues Cousteau (the Father of Modern Diving), it was rediscovered by and named after a local fisherman and dive instructor on this island called Johnny about a decade ago.


Level: Advanced
Depth: 20-34 mts
Distance: 18.5 kms
Location: East of Havelock
Topography: Deep dive site with a circular reef
Sightings: Reef fish, Schools of snappers, sweetlips and fusiliers, sharks, rays.