Junction is a deep site for advanced divers as the bottom depth through the dive is between 28-34m. One can expect currents running west to east here. This beautiful little site begins with rock formations bejeweled with the most beautifully colored soft corals. Spend some time enjoying this site, taking shelter and examining for unusual macro life like ghost pipe fish and nudibraches one finds here often. The rock crevasses at the bottom is known to hide large marble rays and lobsters.

Once you pass the rock patch, the rest of the reef is an oval sandy path with lots of sting rays and snake like sea-cucumbers called Holothurian. We’ve also spotted eagle rays and mantas here. Along the rocky edge, lots of lion fish hide under the rocks. Keep an eye on your dive computer throughout this dive to avoid exceeding the decompression limits. If the currents are very strong, holding on to the descent line and watching the beautiful marine life in the dive site is worth the effort.


Level: Advanced
Depth: 28-34 mts
Distance: 3.5 kms
Location: North of Neil
Topography: Chain of rocky mounds
Sightings: Napoleon Wrasse, Marble & Manta Ray, Sharks, Macro