Neil Island

Sea Shell Resort

The first thing that strikes you as you land on Neil is the resounding silence and peace that invades your senses. Our dive shop is conveniently placed within the Sea Shell Neil property which is located bang on the beach. This more chilled out sister of the Havelock Sea Shell sets a high standard for luxury and indulgence but more toned down.
This island is just 5 kms in length and acts like an enclosed world that compels you to key down and relax. Here you can spend your mornings diving or snorkeling at a number of relatively unexplored shallow sites to find an array of colourful corals, fish and even incredibly shy Dugongs (sea cow). We promise you the rest of the day will inevitably be spent lounging in the beach front coconut grove and soaking in some truly captivating sunsets.

We have dive and accommodation packages for every kind of traveler at discounted rates.
Please mail us at [email protected] to know more.