Nemo Reef

Nemo is our home reef and unarguably the best site for divers to take their first plunge into the diving world. With little to no current and clear visibility all year round, this sheltered bay provides conducive dive conditions for confined water training as well as Discover Scuba Dive experiences for first timers. Boredom is a distant concern for those diving here as you’ll be chaperoned by feisty little Damsel fish eager to joust and visit the shy resident octopus.

If you’re lucky you might catch the suitcase-sized Bumphead Parrot fish munching on coral with a funny crunching sound or a gang of Razor fish gliding over the reef in formation. Nemo offers a lot of scope for macro photography owing to its little inhabitants like Sea horses, Pipe fish and the frisky Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips. The mangrove patches nearby act as a nursery for juveniles of Angelfish, Octopus, Crocodile fish, Sweetlips and Scorpion fish amongst others, turning this site into a huge playground for most reef fish.


Level: Beginner
Depth: 2-16 mts
Distance from Havelock: 0 kms
Location: North Side of Havelock
Topography: Shallow Reef
Sightings: Reef fish, Glass fish, Fusiliers, Octopus, Pipe fish, Needle fish, flounder