Ride the Wave

Havelock’s assortment of some of the best dive sites lures divers of all levels, from all over the world. To make sure our divers have a smooth and comfortable ride to them, we have two charming young ladies on call. Say hello to our dive boats Whale Song and Blue Whale.

Whale Song

The Whale song is our high school sweetheart. She might be small but has got more grit than the other big boats on the island. She took her first breath in Thailand in 2014 and she is a custom-made diving vessel that can comfortably accommodate 12 passengers and two crew, along with their equipment.
Powered by Twin 100 HP engines, she consumes a full tank of 300 liters fuel and cruises at 20 knots or 40km/hr. She is equipped with a GPS and fish finder, Marine VHF Radio and a compass so even if you want to, you can’t get lost. She is RINA Certified.

Whale Song Description

Blue Whale

Blue Whale is that new badass belle in town who is out of everyone’s league. She is the deadly combination of beauty and herculean power. Propelled by twin 250 HP engines, she holds the title of the fastest boat on the Island with a cool nonchalance as she cruises long distances in a fraction of the time usually taken.
Equipped with a GPS, Marine VHF Radio, compass and fish finder, she also has a marine toilet on board in case your breakfast didn’t sit too well. This custom-made diving vessel came to us from Goa in 2017 and can comfortably accommodate 12 divers and three crew. Blue Whale is IRS Certified.

Blue Whale Description Description