Know Us


Hailing from the land of Chocolate, Jurgen came to India in 2004 looking to add some spice to his life. This PADI MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer) and SSI AOWI (Advanced Open Water Instructor) backpacked throughout the country before docking in Havelock, where he gave birth to Scubalov. If there is one thing Jurgen loves more than diving, it is teaching. This master of Zen is known to possess patience and calm as boundless as the deep ocean.


Mandira is like a wave of happiness that washes over the dive shop every day. This PADI Rescue Diver has traveled extensively all over the country exploring yoga and meditation in its various forms and exudes a light-hearted vibe wherever she goes. Mamma Bear to two beautiful children and the Scubalov family, she always keeps a check on how everyone is doing. Despite her nurturing nature she is almost childlike in her wonder for the world, underwater and above it. She is Jurgen’s better half and co-conspirator in the creation of Scubalov and looks after the dive travel.


Jaidip was a geologist who got tired of looking at stones so he decided to shift his attention to fish. He was Scubalov’s first Zero-to-Hero Dive master and has been around since its inception in 2013. Now a PADI MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer) and SSI AOWI (Advanced Open Water Instructor), he manages the dive shop like an orchestra conductor, making sure everybody is playing their part in sync with each other. The only thing that can surpass his obsession with Sharks and Rays is food. This high altitude marathoner’s claim to fame on this island is his bottomless pit of a stomach that’s always aching for more.


Hayat is our crazy dog lady. Nicknamed ‘Hitler didi’ by everyone at the dive shop, she unanimously commands admiration and a teensy bit of fear. She is a tough but rewarding Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT), who looks more graceful than some of the most beautiful creatures you’ll see underwater. Her extensive work experience with a number of marine research organizations gives her a brilliant eye for not just the big but also the tiniest creatures in the water. An authority on diving at Barren Island, Hayat is the sweetest person you’ll meet at the dive shop, unless you are her student or touch a coral.


Rohin is our mandatory mad Parsi. He used to be a salsa instructor till he realized that his hips could no longer lie, so he turned to diving. This Barracuda obsessed Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) is known to give boat briefings so magnificent and articulate that would put even Morgan Freeman to shame. Learning to dive with him is a roller-coaster ride as he never teaches two courses the same. There is always a surprise at every corner. He is another Barren Island veteran who can dive its sites with his eyes shut. If you’re lucky you might get to catch him make an entire wall of fusiliers dance around him underwater.


If you see someone with blazing sun streaked locks and a crazy look in his eyes, you know you have encountered Prashant. Prashant is Scubalov’s wild child. His lean but mean body conceals well the fact that he was a national level power lifter and wrestler before he started diving. This fearless Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) left the badlands of Agra to come for a holiday to Havelock and never went back. Other than obsessing about potatoes, he owns the largest repository of hilarious anecdotes about his life that he shoots at you without any relief from painful stomach twisting laughter. If you like being shocked out of your skull ask him to show you his picture from before his diving days.


Despite having a number for a name, this PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) considers math his mortal enemy. He has been free diving since the tender age of seven and we have strong reason to believe that he is actually a merman with cleverly concealed gills. Hailing from Mayabunder, this strong Karen instructor will forgo no opportunity to take his shirt off and show off his six pack abs. He silently dreams of one day joining the French Foreign Legion. When he is not diving or pretending to practice Mixed Martial Arts, he spends his time counting the few strands of hair his face is able to produce.


This bearded ogre escaped Bombay and his cozy digital marketing job in search of a new beginning and landed up in the Andamans to become a professional diver. His hunger to learn led him to dabble in everything within the immediate periphery of diving even before he completed his Dive master training in 2016. Armed with technical certifications in regulator and compressor maintenance, this young PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) is in-charge of equipment and can be found hunched over his workbench in his Rastafarian beanie. It is only when diving that his fluttering dreads are let loose giving him an uncanny resemblance to a lionfish.


Dharmesh is a very talented interstellar traveler. He needs to be occasionally summoned back to earth from telepathic sojourns to other worlds. This resourceful PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor wanted to become a businessman when he was younger but today applies his cleverness to matters of the dive shop. When Dharmesh sets his mind to something, consider it done. His profuse love for turtles underwater outweighs his phobia of snakes and reptiles on land.


Thiyagu is our answer to Ace Ventura. Our in-house marine biologist and SSI Open Water Instructor also has hints of oceanography and marine archaeology in his repertoire of expertise. He worked with a number of research organisations before he realized that he enjoyed introducing other people to the fascinating underwater world more. From his favorite Sea horse to the giant Whale shark, he is a treasure trove of interesting facts about any species you might encounter on your dive. When not diving or exploring submerged artifacts in his vicinity, he can be found either running or taking overindulgent catnaps.