S.S. Inchkett

An eerie creaking sound permeates the water as you descend the line. You look around and see nothing, but seconds later a large structure appears right in front of you. There is something very delightfully spooky about diving a sunken shipwreck.
It is mesmerizing to see how such a massive man-made object transitions into an ideal home for so many fish and coral.

Colourful coral interspersed with bright fluorescent rust sprouting from the wreck, in addition to a wide range of Nudibranchs, Ghost pipe fish and Sweetlips that reside at this site provide excellent scope for macro photography.
A broken moss-covered toilet and other objects lying outside the wreck will make you feel even stranger. You might also encounter a blind Giant puffer fish who lives near the wreck and adds to the mysterious vibe of this site.


Level: Advanced
Depth: 5-22 mts
Distance from Havelock: 20 kms
Location: West of Havelock
Topography: Wreck
Sightings: Reef Fish, Scorpion fish, Puffer fish, Schools of Snappers, Fusiliers and Sweetlips