The Slope

For its shallow depth range, the slope proves to be an amazing sensory delight for even seasoned divers. Starting at 5 meters, it goes all the way down to 20 meters deep and more, leading down to the adjoining Wall. This diversity rich site allows you to glide through a field of sea whips and eerie whip corals that lend it a very cinematic feel.

Four white pillars form a hotspot of marine life where you can see a mélange of colourful reef fish which is a little way off from a shelf that houses some beautiful hard and soft corals. Different types of Scorpion fish and Crocodile fish hang out under these coral stands if you keep an eye out for them at the Slope.


Level: Beginner
Depth: 5-20 mts
Distance from Havelock: 4 kms
Location: North-West of Havelock
Topography: Gentle Slope
Sightings: Reef Fish, Schools of Snappers & Fusiliers, crocodile fish, whip coral