The Wall

Located right in the channel between Havelock and Peel islands, the wall is one of the most unpredictable and one of the most popular dive sites around Havelock.
It is a sloping wall like formation which starts at 10 meters and drops down all the way to 55 meters on one side, thus offering divers of all levels and preferences an equally enriching dive experience. Despite being a relatively small site, you find it is bursting with activity.

There are octopus, scorpion fish, giant puffer fish, a variety of wondrous nudibranch and sea slugs and an extremely amiable Napoleon Wrasse fondly called Pierre who call this site home.
The changing tides and currents bring in schools of Dog Tooth Tuna, Snapper, Trevally, Moorish Idols and Fusiliers, swimming amongst purple, yellow and red soft corals and majestic fan corals that pepper this terrain.


Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Depth: 10-55 mts
Distance from Havelock: 3.5 kms
Location: North-West of Havelock
Topography: Deep Wall
Sightings: Reef Fish, Oriental Sweetlips, Octopus, Scorpion fish, hunting Pelagics, Schools of Snappers, Fusiliers and Sweetlips